Expand your horizons

Beer & Wine

We want our guests to discover something entirely new at each meal. This includes the specially-crafted beverages offered on our Beer & Wine Menu. Whether sampling wine or beer, our servers will carefully explain each beverage and the distilling processes surrounding each label.



We hope to expose guests to something entirely new through our beer selection. We offer four consistent beers on tap at all times, along with two rotating bottled beers. Guests may order a large bottle for the table to share Belgian sours and gueuzes or German goses.




We are proud to feature on our list all-natural, biodynamic wines from the Old and New Worlds. We’ve scoured the best from Spain to California in search of vintages to accompany our menu. The wines we serve at bisl represent a long, mindful selection process and a desire to introduce our guests to something new. By focusing upon process rather than vineyard, these wines express themselves distinctly, making them the ideal complement to our dishes.